First Quarter 2022

Welcome old friends and new visitors and Happy New Year!

I am so pleased to be able to say that there are now performance dates listed for the 2022 calendar year on my GIGS page .


Getting some warm and wonderful feedback from radioland. Thank you Ken Cartwright from KYAC-FM in Mill City, Oregon for your kind words.

The new album has arrived! Just got them today January 4, 2022.

Please read this notice to learn how you may get a copy.

Pay Pal is :

Please enjoy these PREVIOUS POSTINGS:

Thank you Radio Programmers across North America, Canada and beyond for your support and for helping us to get the music from Wally Barnick And The Trail Boss Troubadors into the ears of your listeners. We are GRATEFUL.

HERE ARE EVEN MORE OF OUR MOST RECENT “ADDS”. Please visit these fine stations and folks and support them any way that you can.

Watch for the next UPDATE for our Radio Tracking Report. Thanks!

Throw-back to October 2019:


Tracking Reports for the week ending October 9,2020 indicate that 9 more stations across the country have added tracks from the new album to their playlists.

That makes 91 Radio Stations (and some syndicated programs with their lists of subscribers) who are now making Wally Barnick and The Trail Boss Troubadors available to their listeners!

Thank you dear RADIO PALS, for making it possible for people to hear the music! I am GRATEFUL!

Everyone, please have a look and a listen to these terrific stations, all of them available to hear via the World Wide Internet!

Artie Thomas KUCI 88.9 FM Irvine, CA says…

Continued THANKS to RADIO Programmers across The US and Canada!

I am so glad to know that people everywhere are able to hear the music from the new album. GRATEFUL!

Thank you RELIX/Jambands Chart for the #8 September 2020 position! Grateful!

Well, this made my day…

Getting confirmation that dozens of radio stations across the nation have added tracks from my new album Wally Barnick and the Trail Boss Troubadors.

A heartfelt THANK YOU to all programmers who have added tracks to their playlists.

From Bangor,Maine to Pennsylvania, Alaska, Alabama, and Manitoba to Minnesota and Wisconson, to Walla Walla, WA, to Texas, Arizona, Missouri, Oregon, Nevada, Connecticut, Iowa, Indiana, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pesssylvania, New York, Connecticut, Vermont, New Mexico and Southern and Northern California, and MORE… We’ve gone NATIONAL/InterNational!

To any programmers who have not received a copy of the CD, please leave a message here at the website and provide a name & mailing address, and please be sure to provide the station call letters.

Tracks may be downloaded by subscribers to Airplay Direct and PlayMPE.

Any non-radio visitors may purchase a copy of the new cd and several other albums that are available. Just CLICK here.

Here are logos for just a few of the stations who have added tracks from the album to their playlists. There are many others, too.

Thank you to ALL who are playing the album!

Eugene, OR.pngGrand Junction, CO

Madrid, NM.png

WMSC Montclair, NJ copy.jpegHagerstown, MD copyUMFM copy.pngWDCC Sanford, NC copy.png

WVUA Tuscaloosa copy.png

Colombia, MO copy.pngKYAC Mill City, OR.jpgKGFN Goldfield, NV

Minneapolis-St. Paul.png

KCBX logo copy.jpegKNON Dallas-Ft. WorthWPKN Milford, CT.png

Monona, WI.pngWalla WallaDave FryJerome , AZ.png

WESU Middletown, CT copy.jpgGoshen, Indiana copy


I am pleased to have this newly established working relationship with these entities.

Screen shot 2020-05-06 at 5.49.29 PM Screen shot 2020-05-25 at 7.07.43 PM

Beginning SPRING-SUMMER 2020 and continuing together we launched a media campaign highlighting my newest album Wally Barnick and The Trail Boss Troubadors.

TBT WFAM 'Grass Fed Acousticana

Meantime, please make yourself at home here on my website.

There are some fun videos available for your viewing (just CLICK in VIDEOS) or this link.

All of my recorded music/CD’s and digital-downloads are available at the Merchantile and Sample page. Just CLICK on this LINK or the button up above.

Wally-Barnick(728x90) BG Today 3 copy

Thanks again. Be safe and well. wb


Spring-Summer 2020 (continued)

While world-wide events of the first quarter of 2020 have been historically unprecedented, the old ‘stiff upper lip’ approach is in full swing here in my world.

All performance gigs are cancelled until further notice (to quote one venue’s management) so lemonade will be made of the sour citrus that has been served up.

That is to say, that while sheltering at home is, for the time being  the new norm, I may as well get caught up on some long overdue practicing, learning new material and improving upon the old.

Previous postings have included the announcements of two new recordings, one being my second SOLO project Wally Barnick and The Trail Boss Troubadors (aka TBT) which was released in October 2019 (SustainableTunes Records 2019) and then a CD released with band mates Dan Crary and Bill Evans (Crary, Evans & Barnick) PRIME TIME (Native and Fine Records) in January 2020.

One can revisit those earlier posts by simply scrolling down below this page/post.

With the help of my talented graphics department (that would be my lovely wife Nola) there are now two visual representations of songs from TBT for your viewing and enjoyment and one video from my first SOLO record View From Lafler Canyon (2008 Coast Ridge Records).

I have included one video above, and two more videos here. Thanks for visiting the website, and I wish everyone safety and wellness while looking forward to seeing you soon.

Have A Little Faith from Wally Barnick View From Lafler Canyon 2008

Through The Eyes of Children from Wally Barnick and The Trail Boss Troubadors 2020

And… here’s a little ‘scoop on the NEWEST CD:

The music/cd’s can be purchased by visiting the Merchantile Page.

Thank you and CHEERS! 🙂

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Great Things Ahead in 2020!

Happy New Year Friends! So glad we made it, as the song goes.

Two terrific things have already occurred, this first being the release of my second SOLO album Wally Barnick and The Trail Boss Troubadors, which was released on October 11, 2019.

Thank You Everyone who has purchased the album/cd, and to all of my friends in RADIO who are playing tracks from the album on your programs. There are too many of you to list at this posting but I will get that posting up and out soon.

The second cool thing is… my band mates Dan Crary and Bill Evans and I (Crary, Evans and Barnick) completed our first album Prime Time and it is scheduled for delivery on January 14, 2020. Three years in the making and we are very pleased with the results and we certainly hope that you will be too!

Visit the MERCHANTILE page here in the site to see how to order your copy.

We’ll be in the Pacific Northwest in late January, over in New Mexico and Colorado in April and off to the Walnut Valley Music Festival  in Winfield, Kansas in September. In between all of that we’ll have some Northern and Southern California dates added to the schedule… out promoting the album and playing some great music along the way.

Please make frequent visits to my GIGS page here on the sight to remain informed as to our whereabouts.

I am and we are grateful for your friendship. Thanks for being along on the ride and we hope to see you soon!

TBT For Instagram.jpg

Cover 12.15.19.png

CEB PT BACK Bar Code.png

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On October 11, 2019 the manufacturer delivered 1000 copies of the NEW cd Wally Barnick And The Trail Boss Troubadors.

I am very pleased with the results of the skills and hard work that my wife Nola applied to cause my vision for the packaging to become reality.

And I am just as pleased with the audio content, the 13 tracks, having been co-produced by myself and long-time musical associate and friend David West.

I am grateful to ALL of the songwriters, musicians and singers for their gifts and their generosity.

Seriously… secure a copy of the cd. I’ll even offer a FULL REFUND if you can’t find something joyful or redeeming in this music.

If we were still in the era of “major record labels” (they are mostly non-existent now) the song and accompanying video included below would most likely be released as a “single”.

This is track #3 Through The Eyes Of Children.

Please have a look and listen.

And please, visit the MERCANTILE AND SAMPLES here on the site to place your order.

Cheers and much love. Wally


TBT Feb Poster JPG.jpg

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Always Plenty of Fun in The Works

Thanks for stopping by.


Here’s some MORE news! 2020 and Beyond

CEB.CVD flyer.jpg


AND: The 2020 schedule is filling nicely. Please visit the GIGS page to what is planned.


Please check the GIGS page to view the entire upcoming performance schedule.

And please, do click on any or all the tabs listed above for a complete tour of this website.

You can even find product (cd’s!) available for purchase on the Merchantile page.

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