About Wally

The low-down:

WALLY BARNICK is principally a singer who 50 some years ago, having just returned from a year in the Mekong Delta, set down the rifle and took up playing the bass guitar. He knew that a bass player who could harmonize (on time & in-tune) could readily secure “a place in the band”. Since those early days of the 70’s Wally has held down the low-end with his Fender bass while sweetening the high-end of the vocal blends in the many ensembles with whom he has worked.

His style and genre being solidly AMERICAN music, ranging anywhere from Bakersfield country, rock & roll (from every decade that it has existed), to folk and bluegrass. His bass playing and vocals, whether in the lead role or in support, have proven themselves worthy of that spot on the bandstand.

He has been, since 1975 and remains today, a member of the well-known California urban-bluegrass group known as The Cache Valley Drifters and most recently has joined forces with flat-picking pioneer and guitar-master Dan Crary and banjo-force Bill Evans. Together they are Crary, Evans and Barnick. In January 2020 they released their first album together called PRIME TIME.

IN October 2019 Wally released his second SOLO album Wally Barnick and The Trail Boss Troubadors. (aka TBT) Watch Wally’s GIGS Page for upcoming scheduled LIVE performances of  TBT.

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note: any combination of the professionals who make up the bands identified here can provide just the right music for your special event. Single, duet, trio, acoustic, or full electric compliment with drums… Whether it’s for listening and ambience,  dancing for a club, wedding, birthday, anniversary, winery event or any celebration.

Contact Wally (wallybarnick@gmail.com) and let him know what you desire for your event’s entertainment. Wally is also available for bass guitar and vocal studio sessions.

Rolling Stone September 2013