Always Plenty of Fun in The Works

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Here’s some MORE news! 2020 and Beyond

CEB.CVD flyer.jpg


AND: The 2020 schedule is filling nicely. Please visit the GIGS page to what is planned.


Please check the GIGS page to view the entire upcoming performance schedule.

And please, do click on any or all the tabs listed above for a complete tour of this website.

You can even find product (cd’s!) available for purchase on the Merchantile page.

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2 Responses to Always Plenty of Fun in The Works

  1. Steve Watt says:

    Hi Wally- just wanted to let you know how much we have been enjoying the cd. Sooo nice. It’s been stuck in my CD player now for the third time around. Absolutely wonderful. So glad to call you a friend and be able to look back on all those years as well. Keep the faith. These days too will pass, and this music will still inspire. -Steve

    • coastridge says:

      Thank you Steve, for those kind words. And I’m glad that you are enjoying the music… a huge labor of love. wb
      ps: I may have been the last guy to play Tog’s for some time to come. dang. You be safe and take good care.

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