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It may be said that this album was started in the fall of 1974.

That is when, in San Luis Obispo, CA I first met Stephen W. Peters, Richard Riesser, Bo Dugger, Mark Stoltenberg and Mark Welch. All were extraordinary pickers and singers.

Musically and collectively they referred to themselves as FLAPJAW.

Through them there would be more new acquaintances: Annie Hughes, Pat Hubbard, Beans Sousa, Jim Norris and Gary Roda, all from the band known as Fly By Night.

And, by the way of these new friends I would be introduced to David West and Bill Griffin with whom I would eventually join up with in their band The Cache Valley Drifters.

It was my good fortune that they all would welcome me, and over the course of time we have all, in one configuration or another, played music together, even to this day.

It was the songs that they wrote, the sound of their voices blended in harmony and their soulful, sincere presentation of their music that won over my heart.

I thought that they and their music were every bit as good, perhaps even better than anything I’d heard for the music of that era.

Stephen Peters’ songs in particular really took hold of me and it seemed a shame that someone, somewhere (the man behind the curtain?), the mystical controllers of fame and fortune, had not taken notice of Steve’s talent and placed it where it belonged; in the ears of the world-wide listeners of contemporary American music.

Forty five years have come and gone and all of their music has not faded for me. I have always believed in it and thought that it should someday be given a chance, be developed, arranged and produced with the care and commitment that it deserved.

Around 2010 I went in to the studio and scratched out the first of Steve’s songs that would eventually be a part of this record.  The song is called Nailin’ Notes.

That was the spark that got things going. It was time to get this music preserved and made available to everyone that can be reached.

Other “demos” were made along the way but it would not be until early 2017 that I reconnected with former Cache Valley Drifters bandmate David West, who since 1996 had been busy building a career and successful business as a first rate studio/recording engineer and record producer.

It’s fair to say that David and I “work well together”. We always have worked well together and we always have a good time while we are at work with this music.

Seven of the 13 tracks that comprise the album are Stephen’s and one of those (Highway 44) was co-written with Beans Sousa. Side note: Stephen and Beans were high school mates in Auburn, CA.

One song, The Desert In Bloom is from Annie Hughes and her husband Pat Hubbard. Annie and Pat contributed vocals on this song and one other, and they sound better than ever. Beautiful, in fact.

Annie sings the second verse in The Desert in Bloom as well as supporting harmonies and she also sings a verse in Stephen’s song Vicksburg. Pat sings on both songs and my daughters Grace, Hannah and Cori add vocal harmonies to Vicksburg.

I guess I would consider Stephen’s songs to be the heart of the album, if for no other reason than that they comprise more than half of the tracks.

Added to Stephen’s 7 songs, are Annie and Pat’s song, plus David’s song Never Alone, a song from FLAPJAW bandmate Richard Riesser (Bright Side of The Blues) totalling 10 from my close pals.

The remaining 3 songs are from artist/writers whom I have never met but who’s gifts of their songs I have long admired.

They are: Canadian, Bruce Coburn (Waiting For A Miracle), another Canadian, the late Ron Hynes (House), and Georgia born writer and performer (the late) Larry Jon Wilson (Through The Eyes of Children).

To order YOUR copy simply click on this MERCANTILE tab and place your order, and thank you very much. Grateful.


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2 Responses to The New Album

  1. Ron Mullins says:

    As usual, very well written….Great job pal….Didn’t realize Never was Dave’s song…One of my several favorites…..Forwarded to the 3 I have had you mail to so far….Hope ya have a good trip…..

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