A NEW CD/Album Is On The Way!

That’s true. Co-Producer David West and I have been steadily working on this project for nearly three years now.

As of today’s post the manufacturer (Discmakers) tells me we’ll take delivery on Friday October 11, 2019.

The album is NOW available by DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. Follow this link and MAKE YOUR PURCHASE! 🙂

The HARD copy (I know, “old school”) includes a 16 page booklet that lists all of the great folks who contributed their time and talent to help make a dream a reality. Oh, and there will be two pages in the booklet with lots of cool photos!

Meantime… here are the liner notes that give some background on the project.

Please, stay tuned and I’ll post-up when we get the product and I’ll let everyone know how to get a copy.

Thanks, and CHEERS!


BACK Cover.png


TBT Liner#1.jpg

TBT Liner#2.jpg

TBT Liner#3.jpg

TBT Liner#4.jpg

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